About PRE

 Who are we?

Charles Allen is managing the business end of this organization. He is a CPA, CFP, CFA, former regional bank COO, and has run many businesses successfully for thirty years. Charles also is an avid snow skier. Charles loves everything business related and is looking forward to the challenge of making this organization successful and sustainable.

Mike Ruhe is a life-long motorcycle enthusiast, control rider, amateur mechanic, and member of Dane Westby’s pit crew. Mike jumped on the track in 2006 and never looked back . . . well, except when control riding.

John Allen is just a guy who just likes to ride motorcycles. Over the years he’s become reasonably good at it, and in the process discovered that he enjoyed sharing what he’d learned with others. John started working with NESBA is 2008 as a control rider, and ran all of the Southeast Events for NESBA from 2010-2013. John is a custom home builder specializing in high end residential construction.

Here are the principles that will govern this new organization:

We are going to offer everyone an opportunity to ride his or her motorcycle at as many of the premier tracks in the Southeast as we can book.

We are going to do our best to provide a safe venue, a professionally organized day, and most of all, a fun experience for everyone who attends. We are very enthusiastic about this opportunity, and it will show in the way we run our events.

We are very well funded, so you don’t have to worry if your track day is solidly booked. We will try to ensure that you always see our events listed on the hosting tracks website, and you can contact us or the track any time to verify.

We will communicate to you so that you are informed about what is going on.

Perhaps most importantly, this new organization is one that is founded on integrity. We will always try to do what is right.

Thank you again to everyone, and welcome to Performance Riding Experience.

John Allen,
Performance Riding Experience